We hire to fire!

In 2019, four young graduates were hired for our Havas Fire Department. The Havas Fire Department is part of our Havas Village in Brussels, which includes the advertising agency and the media agency. The fire department offered these four young graduates a permanent contract, starting with a 2-year development program. In these two years they’re getting fired and rehired a lot, in order to try out 4 or more jobs inside the creative and media agencies.

Get fired at the media department to get hired at the creative department and so on. The more jobs you try out, the more skills you acquire and the more experienced you’ll get.

The campaign which was called ‘Hire to Fire’ was supported by a website and was spread through different channels, focused on graduates with a big interest for the world of advertising (digital, press, OOH).

Out of more than 100 job applications, 4 profiles were chosen

Julie Rooryck (Vlerick Business School), Maxine Heylands (Belgian Advertising School), Alix Joiret (UCLL) and Marin Stas de Richelle (IHECS). Four colleagues that are now happy to work at Havas and completely ready to get fired again!


Havas Village - Fire to Hire

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