In collaboration with ING, Havas launches the business credit called 1-2-3.

Each bank sees everything from the point of view of their clients, isn’t that right? At least, that is what all banks are saying. Now, let’s talk business banking. Here, banks are offering credits. And the difference they are trying to make is always about the speed with which they grant or refuse the credit. Less than 48 hours, less than 24 hours, … We’re all familiar with that approach.

But. Everything changes when you do take the time to listen to real-life entrepreneurs. Then you will learn that speedy reactions is not what they are looking for in a business credit.

Listening happens to be something ING and Havas are doing all the time. And this is what we learned. Entrepreneurs have other issues when it comes to getting a loan. Preparing the required file appears to be the real obstacle. Answering tons of questions, retrieving financial documents, … You name it. It takes time and energy they would rather use for the benefit of their own business.

Together with ING, Havas came up with the “1-2-3 business credit”. Less administration, less required documents, less questions, less blah-blah. It makes getting a business credit so much easier. We call it “Credit in 1-2-3” and we communicated in print, on billboards, online and on radio.
The idea behind the campaign is simple enough. We use a language that is as easy to understand as the service itself. No multi-syllable words and no unnecessary steps.

We also respected ING’s house style. But we turned the usual orange frame into the solution to the problem. As easy to understand as it is to get a business credit.

Arnaud De Harven shot the visuals for the campaign. The simple way of communication was also used in the radio commercials. Even the phone number to call was aptly chosen.



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