Havas Experience helped connect Lillet with their trendy chic target by bringing the product to them in a classy and fun way.

Field activation:

Lillet is a very classy apero that is meant to be savoured with ice, fruit and tonic. And what better way to enjoy a refreshing taste of Lillet than on a sunny terrace? That’s why with Pernod-Ricard we sent our Lillet team to the trendiest bars in Belgium to let all the young and trendy Belgians (target 25-35) have a taste of the delicious Lillet Vive. To create a truly unique experience the team arrived in style with a trendy car and stylish outfits. The tasting was also unique as customers received a sweet frozen delight in their glass with our special fruit ice-cubes.


2350 tastings in bars across the country

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