In 2018, Peugeot launches the new Peugeot 508. It is a highly technological, premium car  that provides a unique driving experience. It includes an optimal soundproofing system and a premium Hi-Fi Focal installation.

The car definitely sounds good. That is why  we decided to create an experience for test drivers that would be as exceptional as the car itself.

Introducing the unique test drive soundtrack.

The idea is simple: impress test drivers with music that exactly fits their itinerary. Reacting in real time to location, speed and driving style.

When the driver accelerates, the music responds.

On sunny stretches, the music becomes joyful and relaxing. On shady stretches, the music turns dark and mysterious.

How did we make it happen?

Jean-François Zygel is a well-known composer-pianist. Behind his piano, he was following the car live on a screen. Very much like he was in the car himself.

On its turn, the premium hifi-system in the Peugeot 508 played his music live.

So, without being aware, the driver was inspiring the music he himself was listening to.

The performance.

This experimental performance was the basis for a unique music event.

Jean-François Zygel was playing in a public concert hall. The audience consisted of influencers and prescribers. They could watch and discover the new Peugeot 508 while listening to a unique soundtrack.

The destination of our test driver was the concert hall. On his arrival, he discover he had been the hero of a unique car movie with a unique soundtrack.

The event was streamed live on social media. It is also on the website of Peugeot, inspiring people to ask for a test drive themselves.

The results.

More than 85.000 people watched the event live. At this point, over 348.000 people watched the recording of the event.

Engagement score surpassed the KPI by 150%. 1741 people have shown interest in buying the new Peugeot 508 before its launch.

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