Tirlemont T-man

Home sweet home with Tiense Suiker

After the big success of the Effie- and Topspot-winning T-man story, the saga continues with a new adventure and a new product. This time, we see him overcome obstacles and challenges in order to be able to bring a cube of cane sugar home for a cosy tea party.

This campaign brought T-man further than just television. He was seen at Brussels South Charleroi Airport with an outdoor display, to welcome travelers who returned home. Apart from that, a campaign on social media showed him, traveling around the world to get to know all cultures linked to tea. Last but not least, a competition was launched to win a T-trip to London, a paradise for all tea lovers.

The home sweet home platform is all about conviviality, nostalgia and connectedness. Through this emotional layer, T-man has conquered the heart of all Belgians.

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