Together for a more sustainable future, with Luminus

Standing still is no longer an option in this hectic, ever-changing world. That’s why Luminus wants to confirm its commitment in accelerating the energy transition that has become a major issue today and for the future.

To make this statement as strong as possible, the new brand name and the new positioning were launched with a multi-media campaign: TV, radio, bannering, OOH and print, all communicating on the role of each of us as energy consumers and Luminus as energy producer. Luminus has the biggest windmill field in Belgium and will double the capacity by the end of 2020.

The ambition of Luminus is to become the Belgians’ favourite energy partner by helping them to reduce their energetic footprint not only with strong sustainable energies but also with energy efficient solutions. One of these projects kicked-off in April 2020, the Luminus Energy House. A tool which enables you to check how sustainable your home is and which offers you new solutions to save more energy and money. Click here to check it out!

NL Je persoonlijk energieplan

FR Votre plan d’économie d’energie



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