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We are Havas Creative Brussels

We believe in meaningfulness.

We use the power of strategy, creativity, innovation and data to drive growth and create more meaningful brands. Because meaningful brands are better for business and better for the world we live in.

Our talents help brands to better engage with their communities through authentic ideas, messages and experiences, helping businesses grow sustainably; and, hopefully improve people’s lives.

That's simply put our mission.


Together Forward

Luminus wants to establish a clear vision in a fast evolving energy market.That’s why the brand articulates its commitment in accelerating the energy transition. A major issue today and for the future.


Energy Efficiency House

The ambition of Luminus is to become the Belgians’ favorite energy partner by helping them to reduce their energetic footprint. We developed a tool which enables you to check how sustainable your home is and offers new solutions to save more energy and money.


Soubry stays at home

Soubry & Havas worked together to support the #stayathome movement by giving a literal twist to their original commercial which showed how Soubry’s pasta brought people together. This time, the rewind version shows us the importance of staying home and keeping your distance.


Quality needs time

When we pause and look at ourselves running like headless chickens, a simple truth comes to our mind: faster is not always better. Because quality needs time. Both for life and coffee. Jacqmotte is crafted with time. And invites everyone to fully savour it. Slowly.


Together we make the difference

Helping people and businesses to accelerate towards a more sustainable future, that’s the purpose of Luminus. And that’s also the reason why together we create campaigns, digital tools and social media content. Working hard today to prepare a better tomorrow.


Making engines more sustainable

Aderco creates fuel treatment solutions for shipping, transports, and industry. They improve efficiency and reduce emissions of engines, making them more sustainable. A story that we write with visuals proving that machines can be poetic.

Federale Verzekering

Investing is music

How do we make a smart but complicated financial product understandable for everyone? Just by using something that everybody understands: music. Calm or rock, slow or up tempo: mix it as you want.

Côte d’Or

The taste of real emotions

Ask Belgians, they know it: Côte d’Or is the real taste of chocolate. Raw. Strong. Intense. Like the emotions they share together. With a piece of chocolate of course!

Our Clients

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